Model Citizen


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released July 18, 2019

Collin Young - Guitar, Vocals
NJ Borreta - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Galletly - Drums, Vocals
Justin Hunt - Bass

recorded, mixed and mastered by Collin Young
produced by HAMMERHANDS
recorded at B-town Sound Studio
artwork and layout by Justin Hunt


all rights reserved



HAMMERHANDS Mississauga, Ontario

4 dudes making loud music in suburbia

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Track Name: Pleasure Island
I can take you down
To a little place at the edge of town
And feed your soul
Make a mountain of fire from a handful of coal
And that’s how this is gonna go
I can sow the
seed Give you all the things that you think you need
With the same routine
Of keeping your
desires out of your dreams
At least that’s how it’s gonna seem
A model citizen Will take their
Then not concern themselves with all the things that mighta been
Try not to scream and shout
Or let your hair fall out Come a bit closer man
I’ll show you what I’m talking about
Face down on the floor
You’ve been wanting less while I keep giving you more
Transition complete
The time has come for you to see
The ass that you were born to be
Track Name: MAXIMUM Beta
I coulda made a big difference
But I didn’t
Cause I didn’t care
I coulda made a million dollars
But the money just wasn’t there

I coulda been an adonis
But I wasn’t Cause I’m a fat little hog
I coulda been real famous
If I had written some better songs

Go throw the filth in the fire
Go hang the moon on the sun
Your day will soon expire
My day has yet to come

I coulda been a better lover
If you had told me
What was on your mind
I coulda made it last forever
But now I’m just running out of time

Unloaded gun
Unloaded gun
Track Name: Do It Right
Now the stage has been set, and all the pigs have gone to bed
For the night, for the night
And the car is in its place, but the driver won’t wait
So be on time, be on time
Cause the stakes have all be raised
And your mistakes won’t get you paid
Another dime, another dollar, another cuban holiday
Cause there’s a million other faces
Who would gladly take your place
So do it right, do it right

Now you’ve practiced every step, and you know just what to expect
Once it begins, it begins
And while you're loose about the law, you’d never choose to lose at all
You’re here to win, here to win
And if the bastards grind you down
You’ll take em out without a sound
And they’ll believe it when they see it
When they’re falling to the ground
Cause every fault is a disease
And your erection dwarfs the trees
So hold it in, hold it in

You felt like
A god inside
You’ll be just fine
(It’s only, the first step, in your decline)
If you keep your cool this time

Now the car won’t start, and the beating of your heart is
Deafening, it’s deafening
Now morality escapes you, for a moment you’re an angel
And a king, and a king
Now the blood on your hands
Smells a lot like them
You never thought that this would happen
Then you take a look around
And while it’s on another level
You’ve got balls of heavy metal
Let em sing, let em sing
Track Name: I'm Not Here
To calm the stress I found myself a lady of the night
But hours turned to years, so I made the girl my wife
While coming home from work I found a note left by the stairs
I read it softly to myself while holding back a tear
“Just thought you should know, that baby, I’m not here.”

I came across a beggar who was looking for a change
I threw a nickel on the ground and spat into his face
I told him “you should leave before they take you to the chair”
Then he just started laughing, then he whispered in my ear
“Just thought you should know, that baby, I’m not here.”

After my lobotomy they kept me in a cell
The doctors wrote my family to say I’d been doing well
But in my head I stood before the nation as they cheered
Then I would say unto them before I would disappear
“Just thought you should know, that baby, I’m not here.”
(I never was, or ever will be, I never was, I’ll never be again)
Then it all became so clear
And now there’s nothing left to fear
Track Name: Too Many Rivers
It is clear that the world isn’t all on a map and the
Things that you’ve given, may never give back
The table is empty and the cupboard is bare
And there’s only one seat that we both gotta share

There are too many rivers, but not enough lakes
Not too many lovers forget your mistakes
These callous decisions have brought us this mess and I
Couldn’t love you more if I didn’t love you less

It felt like December in the middle of June
A chill hit the air when you walked in the room and I
Shoulda known better than to call out your name but your
Eyes were like porcupine quills in my brain

So watch as your innocence burns in the fire
While winds of compromise quell the desire I
Opened the door and I swallowed the key cause if
You’re coming back, then it won’t be with me
Track Name: Dad Sludge
Million dollar mule
Couldn’t pull the rope to get it out of you
You’ve changed your tune
But not enough

Speak your mind
Tell me what you think about nobility
And culture’s crimes
That aren’t your fault

Sit up straight
You ain’t got the time to go slowly
What’s on your plate
Cause I got the meat you can’t eat too late
And it don’t taste great

Get off my lawn
Come back when you can take accountability
You think you're strong
But you’re not
Do your worst
Show me why you think that you’re deserving
To walk this earth
You’re not alone
Track Name: That Awful Sound
I hope you realize, down deep inside
There’s rules by which we live
And if you’re planning on disharmony
By all means, cease and desist
Cause when you heard the sounds of church bells
I’ll bet they went like this

I hope you satisfy your sense of pride
When you shake your bloody fist
I know your epilogue won’t be resolved
And it had a gruesome twist
Cause when you heard the sounds of church bells
I’ll bet they went like this

Now common decency appears to be
A dream that you once had
And now you’re practicing without a single
Thought inside your little head

Ideals can come and go but it’s critical
For a teacher to exist
So when that awful sound comes back around
Don’t even bother to resist
Track Name: Not in the Cards
I’m not sure if you were
The jailer or the crook
The picture gets kinda blurred
Your crimes I'll over look
But you showed your softer side
When you read your alibi
Now you won’t return to me

I’m not sure if it was
The dealer or the hand
And nothing that we could discuss
Would help me understand
And even if you deserve
Ace high or a royal flush
You still won’t return to me

Of the few things that are known
Without a single doubt
Is that one day the time will come
To blow the candle out
And though it breaks your heart
Forever’s just not in the cards
And you won’t return to me
Track Name: Bastard Jesus
I’ve got a molotov cocktail
And a long list of names
I’ve seen the back pages and the dirty faces
Now I’m ready for the rain

I’ve got the noise in my head now
And a bullet in my teeth
For the faith healers and the crack dealers and
For the scum that stain the street

And now I’m trading today for tomorrow
And I’m trading my noose for a whip
I’ve been thinking long and hard about the changing of the guard
And I’m tightening my grip

Because the avalanche is coming
So you’re gonna have to choose a side
Because the road to freedom was paved with heroes
Who played the villain from time to time